Who should attend?

Working professionals seeking to define professional success on their own terms by nurturing their key business skills. The program will be very valuable to those who are willing to learn the contemporary business management in the global perspective and use the skills so acquired to augment their productivity at work and be ready to shoulder bigger responsibilities in the immediate future.

Program Objectives:

  • To develop competency in engaging with all aspects of business at all levels.
  • To enable the application of critical thinking to analyze workplace issues & deliver strategies to address the organizational challenges.
  • Provide a supportive ecosystem where the trainees learn from the experiences of industry veterans.

Contact Frequency:

Fridays evening, Saturdays & Sundays ( 18 hours per week)

Program Structure & Contents (compulsory papers)

  1. Principles & Practice of Management.- Managing change, processes & organizations.
  2. Economic Environment – the ramifications on Indian & global enterprises.
  3. Principles of Human Resources Management- Managing people-traditional, contemporary and modern practices- An introduction.
  4. Organizational Behaviour- Human behavior in organizational settings-conceptualization & evliution of organizational life.
  5. Managerial Accounting- comprehending what’s “between the lines” to enable informed decision making.
  6. Corporate Finance- Maximizing enterprises’ value through judicious investment decisions and money management.
  7. Financial Markets- Indian, International & the world economy, trading value to make money, the dynamism of raising capital & the effect of bull and bear on businesses and economies.
  8. Sales & Marketing Management with introduction to digital marketing- Augmenting brand values and managing sales, pre and post internet era.
  9. Business Statistics & Predictive Analytics for business decision making- Shaping future out of historical data.
  10. Business Communication with stress on trans-national business cultures.
  11. Customer Relationship Management- establishing, managing & nurturing customer relations.
  12. Quantitative Techniques to enable business cognizance and contrli.
  13. Production & Operations Management. – rationalization & inventory management.
  14. Strategic Management- business strategies for the aspiring CEO.
  15. Legal Aspects of Business - Company & Labor Laws.


  • Fund Raising-Traditional & evolving trends in fund raising including crowd funding, angel investors and out country funding.
  • Mergers, amalgamations & acquisitionsincluding acquisitions in actual industrial practices.
  • Options, future & derivatives.
  • Financial Modelling.
  • Accounting & taxationfor financial instruments.
  • International accounting standards& financial reporting standards.
  • Crypto Currencyhistory, evolution and future speculations.
Human Resources
  • Evolution of HR & future directions.
  • Strategic Staffing-talent acquisition, management & retention.
  • Training & Development-dentifying competencies, training needs identification, learning & development.
  • Performance management-Goal/KRA settings, performance feedback & counseling.
  • Compensation/Payroll Management and the laws pertaining to compensation.
  • Industrial & labor relations.
  • Cross Cultural ManagementManaging people in global business settings- possible conflicts and resolution.
  • HR audit.
Business Analytics
  • Fund Raising-
  • Foundation of analytics
  • Statistical inference & sampling techniques.
  • Application of analytics in business functions.
  • Special analytical methods.
  • Machine learning, data and text mining, data warehousing.
  • Information management in analytics & basics of big data (Hadoop, Hive)
  • Advanced business forecasting.
  • Advanced analytics & big data.
Marketing Management
  • Fund Raising-Traditional & evolving trends in fund raising including crowd funding, angel investors and out country funding.
  • Branding & Consumer Behavior-brand loyalty- fallacy or for real ?
  • Services Marketing-promoting concepts & convictions.
  • New Product Development and test marketing.
  • Advertising& the metamorphosis of MarCom to integrated marketing communications.
  • Marketing Research.
  • Strategic Aspects of Marketing& product placement for long lasting impressions.
  • Digital & Social Mediaas emerging marketing tools.
  • B2B& industrial marketing.