MBA Employability

2 Year Regular / Full Time Program

89% Placement

80 Visiting Faculty

8000 Alumni Network

Objectives of Program

To inculcate an attitudinal shift in the students who will adopt a positive approach and have a problem solving demeanor and who will care for the society.


To ingrane students with most relavent and contemporary skills which will improve efficianty and they will in turn be more productive to the organizations they choose to work with.

To equipped the candidates with holistic knowledge which will help him to grasp and get to the root of complex issues which the dynamic business and economic environment confront him.

Teaching Venue & Infrastructure:

The MBA Employability program will be delivered at Sector 63, Noida which is an excellent and centrally air-conditioned facility with seminar hall, classrooms library and computer lab. The interior ambience is designed so as to allow students to interact beyond their classroom sessions. This helps in exchange of knowledge & ideas and enables peer group learning. The facility also has ample parking space with additional spaces for student recreation and extra-curricular activities.

The vicinity of Sector 63, Noida boasts of famous local Universities like National Institute of Biologicals, Indian Academy of Highway Engineering, ICAI, IMS, IIM Lucknow's Noida campus and many more. It is also home to many prestigious centers of higher learning, including MAF Academy, Symbiosis Law School and Symbiosis Center for Management Studies, Bank of India staff training college is also situated in this sector.

The attractiveness of sector 63, Noida as the choicest location for the delivery of an MBA Employability program is due the presence of a plethora of Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) and Consulting & Outsourcing companies across industrial sectors which will help the students with their trainings and placements. 


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